May 28, 2018 – Fort Worth, Texas: Texas Home Educators (THE) is privileged to announce their Free Military Silver membership for all active duty military homeschool families in Texas.

School Liaison Officer Elizabeth Davenport from Fort Hood, who created multiple Homeschool Resource Fairs at Fort Hood as she worked hard to help the new military homeschoolers in Texas notes some of the challenges for military homeschool families:

Transitioning is hard for all military families, but when you homeschool these transitions can be even more difficult with the changing of state laws and standards. Parents are constantly forced to re-think their education plan. That is why the CYS school liaison office constantly collaborates with organizations of the community such as Texas Home Educators. These partnerships help parents continue their students homeschool education success.”

It was this invitation to attend the Homeschool Resource Fairs that introduced THE to the military homeschool families, offering a chance for in-depth talks of their many challenges as they transition in and out of Texas.  From these conversations, our directors board approved the offering of a free Military Silver Membership for active duty military homeschool families.

Jube Dankworth, COO of THE stated: “We hope all the military homeschool families will sign up and connect with the homeschool community in Texas even if it's only for a few months. We understand that these families are passing through Texas but we wanted to make it easy for them to connect with the many homeschool days and educational opportunities in Texas while they are here.”

We reached out to our curriculum partners and they were very gracious to offer great discounts for our Texas military homeschool families. We have lots of bonuses available for our active duty military homeschool families. Once a family signs up, they will have access to the bonuses created just for them, along with a great newsletter that offers information about ongoing specials and homeschool days across Texas”; concluded Mrs. Dankworth.

* * *

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