Lakehill Lawn is a team of lawn care service professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality lawn maintenance services. We are based in Frisco, Texas and focused on the immediate area.

Our goals include much more than just maintaining your lawn, they include improving it season after season. It is important that we establish trust in our relationship by providing dependable, consistent, high-quality lawn services. We provide these services by utilizing the best technology available in the field and office so we can do it all at a fair price.

Our lawn care services.
We do not require contracts or have a minimum number of lawn services requirement. Our desire is to be a good fit for your needs and not to lock you into a non-working commitment. We are local and only Lakehill Lawn team members will service your lawn. We do not subcontract or generate leads for others because we care about quality and accountability.

Lawn care maintenance is our primary service focus and we complement our precision mowing, edging and trimming with fertilization, weed control, shrub trims, bed cleans, mulch and seasonal services such as leaf removal. We offer additional special services such as core aeration, de-thatch, top-dressing and more to our recurring lawn service clients. Our complete line of lawn care maintenance services will be able to create or maintain a beautiful green, lush lawn in Frisco.

We offer weekly, every other week, monthly, one-time and even custom recurring frequency schedules for our Basic Lawn Service. Deluxe and Premium lawn service packages require Weekly frequency. This assists with the success of the weed control treatments included in the packages. We offer our recurring clients “Plus” packages that add recurring Bed Clean, Shrub Trim and Mulch refresh services.
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