Our SAT and ACT Prep programs teach strategies for increasing overall scores and college entrance exams. We teach what students need to know about the SAT and ACT exams. We begin with a practice exam, address the layout of the test, and teach strategies for answering different types of questions. With the initial practice exam, we measure which type of questions are successful and which are difficult. This helps define areas of opportunity. We utilize progress tests to compare results and with program knowledge, students gain confidence and perform at a higher level. This program is for any student in grade 9 and above.

Our College Prep Writing program is designed to address two different needs of college-bound students. The first portion of the course focuses on skills typically addressed during a freshman English course including MLA citation style, avoiding plagiarism, and analytical writing skills. The second portion of the course focuses on assisting students with college admissions essays. Certified teachers will help students through the essay writing process to ensure students submit well-crafted essays along with their college application.

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