Shelby Williams joins Seota Digital Marketing as Director of Digital Solutions

Plano City Councilman Shelby Williams has joined top-rated Frisco-based Digital Marketing Agency, Seota as Director of Digital Solutions. Shelby brings nearly two decades of digital expertise to Seota, including his time with Deloitte Digital, and is eager to apply his deep knowledge of eCommerce and mobile commerce. Shelby sees rich opportunity for businesses and organizations to reinvent and reinvigorate themselves digitally in the wake of 2020. “Our long-standing assumptions of how and where we do business have been fundamentally challenged and shaken,” he says. “Those who adapted to the digital world before 2020 are leaving those who hadn’t in the dust. I’m excited to apply Seota’s strong digital capabilities to help businesses and organizations succeed and thrive in this new world.” Shelby will be helping to bring Seota’s range of services, ranging from eCommerce, web design, SEO, and custom development, in strategic portfolios for businesses and organizations.

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