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Fall has finally arrived in North Texas and everyone is enjoying the cooler weather. As they said on “Game of Thrones,” however: “Winter is coming.” For those of us in the DFW area, this can mean colder (occasionally freezing) temperatures, cold winds, and every now and then - even a snow storm. Is your pool equipped to handle the season? If you don’t plan to use your pool during the winter, a pool cover is essential. Which cover is right for you?

Winter Covers

Winter covers are a great way to keep your pool clean and balanced during the winter months while your pool is not in use. They protect your pool from the accumulation of dirt and debris. They also conserve your winter chemicals and reduce sunlight, a contributing factor in algae growth. Winter covers protect your pool from poor water balance that could cause staining or damage pool surfaces. Pool covers come in various shapes and sizes, with warranties ranging from 8 to 20 years.

Safety Covers

Safety covers provide security while reducing pool maintenance needs during the winter. They're tightly secured by anchors that have been mounted to the pavement or decking surrounding your pool, preventing accidental entrance. Mesh covers allow water to pass through, preventing water buildup on the cover. Solid pool covers protect your pool from contaminants and sunlight, which reduces bacteria and algae growth, resulting in less maintenance and a reduced need for pool chemicals. Pool safety cover warranties range from 8 to 30 years.

If your pool is heated or our North Texas winter turns out to be an extremely mild one, you may be able to use your pool throughout the winter months. If you decide to keep your pool open, you will need to maintain your pool throughout the season. This includes balancing your water, cleaning your filter, and maintaining your pool equipment.

Solar Covers

A solar cover can raise the temperature of your inground or above ground pool, reduce your energy costs, minimize water loss, and sometimes decrease pool chemical needs. Solar covers are not intended for use as the main source of heat for a pool. They help maintain heat that is provided by an external pool heater. Because evaporation is the main cause of heat loss in a pool, a solar cover provides a barrier between the water and the air. All solar pool covers are made from a strong UV resistant material and are backed by a warranty ranging from 3 - 7 years.

Solar Sun Rings

Although not technically a pool cover, solar sun rings insulate and prevent the evaporation of water in your pool and help prevent the loss of pool chemicals. Solar sun rings are made of heavy-duty, UV resistant vinyl that bind together with magnets. The rings absorb UV rays from the sun and convert it to heat helping to raise the temperature of a chlorine or salt water pool. These rings function in a similar fashion to a solar blanket, and can be used in pools of all shapes and sizes.

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