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The Gents Place

Picking out a gift for any man in your life could be considered “extreme shopping.” Like extreme sports, shopping for men involves a high degree of risk. You can play it safe by getting your husband, boyfriend, father, brother, or friend another shirt or cologne set, but finding a gift they will truly love? It’s not unlike rock or mountain climbing. Or possibly searching for the Holy Grail.

Men tend to approach purchasing anything in a very goal-oriented way:

“I’m cold.”

[walks into store, buys jacket]

“I’m not cold anymore.”

Because of this direct way of thinking, finding a desirable item that your guy hasn’t already purchased for himself can be a challenge. Walking through store after store, or spending hours clicking and scrolling online, looking at the endless gadgets, tools, and hobby equipment available, can leave you with a sense of overwhelming futility. How many times have you just purchased something in desperation and hoped for the best, knowing he could return it?

We can help! The following is a list of unique gift ideas that your man likely won’t have thought of for himself and are definitely a cut above another gift set of slippers!

The Gents Place

The Gents Place is an ultra-premium and membership-based men's grooming and lifestyle club based out of Frisco, Texas, in 2008. The combination barbershop, spa, and salon offers services including haircuts, coloring, shaves, hand and foot repairs (a.k.a. men’s manicures and pedicures), and shoe shine services. The franchise now operates thirteen locations in Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Nevada, and Texas.

“So?” you may be thinking. “There are tons of barber shops that offer similar services. What’s so special about The Gents Place?” We’ll tell you: it’s the company’s vision and level of service. The Gents Place brand vision is to empower gentlemen with the confidence needed to achieve their goals. With a culture of servant leadership and dedication to delivering world-class service to their guests, The Gents Place team helps men look and feel their best, empowering them to perform at their best.

The man for whom you’re buying may not seem like the “fancy haircut” type. And that’s just as well, because this company is not simply offering grooming services. The Gents Place is providing a first-class experience. By delivering premium grooming services in an atmosphere of like-minded men, complimentary top-shelf beverages, and curated advice, The Gents Place experience is unlike any other. In essence, your gift is an exceptional experience designed to imbue confidence, polish, and relaxation.

How many gifts can you say that about?

The Gents Place Frisco location can be found at 6975 Lebanon Rd #303, Frisco, TX 75034 or online at

J. Hilburn Custom Clothing

How about giving the gift of custom fit? J. Hilburn provides a man with custom-made clothing that fits not only his body, but his personality and lifestyle. Their clothing fabrics are sourced from some of the most prestigious mills in Italy, including: Vitale Barberis, Tessitura Monti, Guabello, Cotonificio Albini, Loro Piana, and Reda. A gift card from J. Hilburn is redeemable with a personal stylist, online, or at J. Hilburn locations.

How does it work? A personal stylist will meet with your recipient at his convenience (at no charge and with no obligation) to take his measurements and guide him through the entire customization process.  His J. Hilburn stylist will handle everything, including any exchanges and returns. Expertly trained and equipped to handle any inquiries or concerns, his stylist will help create clothing that is fit and styled uniquely for your man. This process ensures that the company understands exactly what he wants, not just what his measurements are. The result is clothing items that are more than made-to-fit — they’re made to last.

Great personal style begins with great-fitting clothes. A lot of men are interested in dressing better, but don’t have the time needed to take their wardrobes up a level. If the man you’re buying for is interested in dressing with style, or simply needs high-quality staples that will last for years, J. Hilburn is a first-class option. The Dallas area studio location is 5350 W. Lovers Lane, Suite 122, Dallas, TX 75209 or you can locate a local stylist online by visiting

Garages of Texas

Is someone you love a motor enthusiast? If so, this gift is a showstopper. At Garages of Texas, you don’t rent space for your show car(s). You buy it. When you buy a garage suite, you receive a deed, title insurance, and all the privileges of commercial real estate ownership: your space builds equity and you have financial control.

If you’re pressed for space in the family garage, this gift solves the problem. You would like to be able to park in the garage again and he can stop storing his baby under the boxes of Christmas lights. Or maybe you’d both like to stop wasting money renting storage that comes with restrictions for use. Garages of Texas offers 24-hour access so you can come and go as you please.

Garages of Texas offers the additional perk of being part of a motor enthusiast community. Your recipient can enjoy a place designed specifically for car lovers and be surrounded by others who share his interests. Each space is plumbed, heated, and wired for phone, cable and Internet. You can install lifts, build a loft, or deck out your walls with memorabilia and a huge TV. It’s an optimal platform to build the ultimate man-cave and the perfect get-away close to home. And what car lover wouldn’t love that? The Garages of Texas Frisco location is 6644 All Stars Ave, Frisco, TX 75033 or you can visit them online at

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