How hot is the housing market in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex? We're all aware it's as hot as our August temperatures. Realtors will tell you it’s definitely a sellers’ market and buyers need to be prepared to pay top dollar for the homes they want. How can you make sure your home is at the top of their list? When potential buyers visit your home, you want them to have more items on their “pros” list than on their “cons” list. There is no doubt that an outdated, old-looking master bath can be a “con,” but it’s one that can be fixed with a little time, money, and effort. 

Master Bath Renovation vs. Master Bath Update Timelines

A complete master bathroom renovation is quite an endeavor. Costs for a master bath renovation can easily run in excess of $40K. In addition to fixture changes, vanity and sink replacements, shower and/or tub replacements, tile work, and flooring, plumbing, and electrical work are frequently needed. It’s an extensive process and the turn-around time is not generally quick, even under the best of circumstances. In light of the current shortages in various home building and home renovation elements due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the time from start to project completion could be longer than is feasible if you would like to take advantage of the hot market soon.

However, a master bath update is a simpler project with a shorter timeline. Though the supply shortages being experienced across the world could still affect your project’s turnaround time, the impact will understandably be less. There are fewer elements involved in a master bath update, so there are simply fewer items that can be affected.

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Master Bath Renovation vs. Master Bath Update Budgets

In addition to offering a time frame advantage, a master bath update can offer a budget advantage. Homeowners can solve the problem of a tired, outdated-looking bathroom for much less money than a full master bath renovation. By choosing to update only the items with the most visual impact, homeowners can keep their expenses within their budget. Mirrors, shower enclosures, and lighting are usually the biggest ticket items in a master bathroom update, but they are typically much less expensive than plumbing, new flooring, new vanities, and extensive tile work.

Master Bath Renovation vs. Master Bath Update Convenience

In other parts of the country, it’s not uncommon for homes to have one main bathroom. However, here in North Texas, it’s rather uncommon to have only one bathroom! Families especially are used to being able to spread out as needed. When the master bathroom is out of commission, homeowners find themselves sharing with their children until their bathroom is usable again. For some homeowners, this might not be a major inconvenience; for others, it could be very stressful, and it is probably safe to say that everyone involved would prefer to keep this period of inconvenience as short as possible. An update offers the advantage of being more expedient than a full renovation and the length of time homeowners are displaced is shorter.

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Master Bath Update Ideas

If you have decided to update your master bath prior to putting it on the market, what key elements should you focus on to get the most bang for your buck? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Replace the basic bathroom mirror with a beveled glass or framed mirror.
  • Paint your existing vanity rather than replace it.
  • Replace the bathroom counter. A variety of materials exist in a range of prices.
  • Add accent tile to the vanity wall, around the mirror, or inside the shower to add a more luxurious feel without having to purchase tile for the entire bathroom.
  • Change the lighting fixtures for better lighting and more visual appeal.
  • Replace faucets and showerheads with updated versions
  • Update your shower surround with a frameless shower enclosure for sleek sophistication.












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