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Is your roof leaking? There are various reasons for a leak, some of which are easily repaired. There are factors professionals use to determine whether a roof requires replacement or not, and a leak is only one factor to consider. A simple roof repair may fix your leak but understanding when the time is right for replacement can save you time, money and damage in the long run.  


Just like your car, there are warning signs to watch for before a total breakdown of your roof. Changing out a couple of shingles solves your issue for a brief time, but more drastic work may be required. These early warning signs could help save you money and time:

  • Age – Age is the most significant factor to consider when replacing a roof. If your roof is more than two decades old, wear and tear may be showing.
  • Shingles – The appearance of your shingles will make a significant difference. A close-up examination of your roof’s shingles will tell whether damage or decay have begun to set in.
  • Rising Energy Bills – The right roof could save you money on your monthly energy bills. A roof with issues, on the other hand, could ultimately cost you money each month. You may notice these mounting bills due to an air conditioner or heater working harder than usual.


A typical roof will last for around twenty years. Most roofing materials come with a manufacturer’s warranty for this period. It’s not unheard of for a roof to naturally reach the end of its lifespan without a catastrophic roof failure.

If undergoing a replacement is delayed, however, bigger issues may be experienced down the road. It’s important to understand your roof and its lifespan so you may plan accordingly.


If would like a free consultation to see if your roof requires replacement or repair, contact Peak Roofing Systems by calling 972-218-0256 (Dallas/Ft. Worth) or 281-290-7325 (Houston). We’ll inspect your roof and determine a proper solution moving forward.

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