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One of the most exciting parts of any holiday season is getting together with family and friends that we might not see as often throughout the year. This is also a good opportunity to notice differences in senior loved ones and have conversations about the need for care or a possible move into a senior living community. Mustang Creek Estates of Frisco realizes that times like these might not be easy, which is why the community decided to share tips anyone can use during family get-togethers. Some of the warning signs that a senior may need more care include confusion, pain, depression, misuse of medication and personality changes. In addition, the assisted living and memory care community is reminding families to gently address any issues or changes sooner rather than later before it becomes a health or safety emergency.

“It is extremely important to watch for potential signs that a loved one needs assistance and prepare to help address the issues as well. It can be a sensitive topic to discuss, but families have an opportunity to talk with a loved one together during the holidays,” said Candy Jiwa, executive director of Mustang Creek Estates of Frisco. “Many families don’t know where to turn, and we have an open-door policy at our community. We are honored to be a resource to area families in their time of need, and we are here to answer any questions families may have any time of year.”

Taking the time to watch for certain signs and act accordingly will help families ensure that their loved ones are in the best environment and receive the care they need. Here are some additional tips and things to watch for during the holidays:

  • If a senior complains about any kind of pain, it is important to discuss the length of time the pain has been a problem. Then you can assess if it is necessary to make an appointment and encourage a loved one to go to the doctor. 
  • It is important to assess a loved one’s memory. If a senior is having trouble remembering and recalling events which happened recently, even the same day, or if they tell the same story over and over, families should seek an expert’s opinion to determine if this is due to normal aging or a condition like dementia which causes cognitive decline.
  • Noticing if he or she takes appropriate medications is also significant. It is important to pay attention to how a loved one manages medications due to a risk of them forgetting to take certain pills at a certain time and/or accidentally mixing up the dosage.
  • It is common for seniors to have trouble keeping up with housework as their health changes, and in these situations senior care with a light housekeeping service might be a good alternative.
  • If seniors have challenges with showering or washing clothing, family members may notice a lack of cleanliness. Their personal appearance can be an indicator that they might be having difficulties caring for themselves.
  • Other red flags to look for include a lack of social engagement and signs of sadness or depression.

“Sometimes we might feel afraid to address these issues with our loved ones, and it is perfectly fine to discuss our concerns with other family members and ask if they notice differences too,” said Jiwa. “We understand it can be tough, but if the need for increased care is evident, it is critical to have conversations and act quickly.”  

Mustang Creek Estates – whose mission is to provide seniors with high-quality residential-style assisted living and memory care at an affordable price – has additional locations in Allen, Burleson and Keller. Recently, Mustang Creek Estates opened its newest senior living community in Sachse.


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