Laura E. West, certified Lipsologist
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Have you been looking at social media pictures from before the quarantine and thinking about where you were, who you were with and how much fun you were having?

Social distancing bites.

Many of my clients have not let sheltering in place keep them from celebrating. Instead, they have found clever and nontraditional ways to get their friends, families and coworkers together and you could too.  Movie nights, trivia, book clubs and virtual talent shows have been the norm.

I’ve even shifted my event clients to virtual parties using Zoom. It’s been a wonderful adventure and really easy to do. 

My Kiss & Tell virtual Lip Print parties have been especially popular.  That's right - I read lip prints.  Like who knew, right?  But I'm a Lipslogist and one of 11 in the world who can understand the language of lip prints.  And your lip prints can talk!

Here's what's fascinating:  Your lip prints are different every time you make a print unlike finger prints that always stay the same (that's why our law enforcement likes them!).  

What can you learn from a lip print?  Lip prints not only reflect aspects of personality, they can show mindset, energy level, decision making, how they are interacting with others and many other fascinating traits of an individual and how they think.


How does it work?  Apply a generous coat of lipstick, kiss a piece of paper 2 -3 times and I reveal the special messages hidden in each lip print.

Everyone gets to participate and hear how accurate the lip messages are.  All you need is access to internet, lipstick, paper and a pen.

Virtual lip print parties can open up some amazing conversations. Empathy and understanding help us connect and feel less isolated. When we bond then we relax, share and have fun. And those memories are priceless.

It’s easy to get the group together from anywhere with Zoom so it's great for impromptu reunions with friends or family.  And it's lot more fun than arguing about politics or social distancing.

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