Frisco Women's League
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Are interested in volunteering? Do you want to help strengthen the Frisco Community? Would you like to meet other women who share your heart for service? Join Frisco Women's League!

FWL is an organization of women, dedicated to strengthening our community and each other through volunteering, friendship, and fundraising.  We currently have 175 members made up of 54 New Members, 81 Actives (1 – 5 years of service), and 40 Sustainers (greater than 5 years of service) that are fun, energetic, and involved.  We are a diverse group of ladies that have a common goal of serving our community. FWL membership is open to all women who are at least 21 years of age.


Steps to become an FWL New Member:

  1. Complete the Membership Application by June 1, 2016
  2. Pay New Member Dues by June 1, 2016
  3. Attend 1 (one) New Member Orientation by July 1, 2016
  4. Fulfill Yearly Membership Requirements by June 1, 2017

Visit for links to the Membership Application and Member Dues payment options. 

After steps 1 and 2 have been completed, you will be contacted via email with available dates for your New Member Orientation.


Benefits of Membership:

-Insight into community needs and opportunities to contribute to solutions.

-Interaction and partnerships with community leaders

-New friends and opportunities for continued growth and personal fulfillment

-Networking, both professionally and socially

-Direct impact in our community

-Opportunities for leadership training 


What our members are saying:

“For me, it’s about learning what kinds of great organizations/events are going on in my community.  As a member, I can either attend these events or volunteer at them. It happens to be a bonus that you get to meet other like-minded ladies.” ~ Amy Rudy

“Being a member of FWL gives a sense of connection to our community. Keeps you informed of new events as well as annual events that happen in and around Frisco. Just speaking from my own personal thoughts… Not having children in the school system anymore and no longer working full time I have really relied on FWL to be that connection to others and to my community.”  ~ Raynell Kuehler

If you have any questions about Frisco Women's League or Membership Recruitment, please visit us online at or email our VP of Membership at


- Contact Frisco at  
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