Bettina Restrepo – Guest Contributor
Dec 13 2016
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Troop 142 L to R Allen Williford, Taylor Johnson, Jonathan Lis, Adam Shaw, Alex Hennel, Drew Dixon, Ben Hennel, Carolyn Lis


When the Kiolbassa company donated sausages to Boy Scout Troop 142, their intent was to support the scout’s fundraising efforts.  The Scouts would prepare and sell sausage wraps and hot chocolate to the patrons of Frisco’s Merry Main Street to raise funds to support the troop’s activities which include summer camp and a high adventure trip to the Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico.   

Those plans fizzled with a weather forecast of freezing temperatures and heavy rain.  Merry Main Street, an outdoor event, was canceled leaving the troop with 900 sausages and no one to sell them to.

Troop 142 jumped into action to adapt and adjust their plans.  Boy Scout Jonathan Lis explained, “It was easy.  They (The Samaritan Inn) needed the sausages more than we did. So we gave it to them.”

On Saturday December 10, 2016, the Troop loaded the outdoor freezers with their sausage donation.

Jason Gally, The Executive Chef of the Samaritan Inn, was thrilled.  He explained how far he could stretch the sausage.  “Just imagine these sausages in frittatas, in gumbo, next to macaroni and cheese.  Our residents will love them!” He emphasized that protein donations were especially useful. 

The Scouts relished knowing their donation would be used in so many ways.  Scout Ben Hennel said, “We would have sold these sausages at Merry Main Street to people who had homes to go to.  Now, these sausages are feeding the homeless.”

Heather Molsbee, assistant program director at The Samaritan Inn, graciously thanked Troop 142 for their donation.  She said, “This food will do more than feed hungry bodies…  It helps teach people to trust in themselves and regain their dignity.”

The rain didn’t spoil the sausage or the Scout’s goal to follow the Scout Oath.

“On my honor I will do my best

To do my duty to God and my country

And to obey the Scout Law.

To help other people at all times;”

The donation of a donation taught these young men resilience and determination while extending the gift of generosity and dignity.

Ms. Molsbee added, “Homeless people are just like anyone else and all people deserve to be treated with the respect.” 

When asked how the Scouts planned to devise a new fundraiser, Boy Scout Drew Dixon said, “We’ll figure out something else ...  We’re really good at doing that.”

Troop 142 is based out of Water’s Edge Church on Coit Road in Frisco, Texas.  They can be reached at or via email to Dave Dixon at