Bettina Restrepo – Guest Contributor
Sep 15 2015
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Dance up the excitment Mr. Wilson, teacher, and Chairwoman Becca Raymond dance it up to excite students at Isbell.

Amidst booming music, dancing and squeal of excitement, Isbell Elementary PTA kicked off their annual (and only) fundraiser this week with the announcement of their Dallas Cowboys themed Fun Run. Students will ask friends and family to help support this cause with a cash donation. Rather than selling the dreaded gift-wrap or chocolate bars - Isbell transformed their fundraiser into an exciting event focused on healthy living and exercise.

The event exploded with fun as Rowdy, the Dallas Cowboy’s mascot, played up the crowd with his antics. Rebecca Raymond, chairwoman of the event said, “We are very excited to be the first PTA in the DFW area to be partnering with the Dallas Cowboys Football Academy. This event will raise money for special programs for our students and teachers, playground accessories, and classroom parties. It’s so great to have the Dallas Cowboys world headquarters relocating to Frisco!”

Isbell principal Serita Dodson said, “We are so grateful to the generosity of the community and our student’s families. I work closely with the PTA and these funds purchase items like specialized printers, trainings for our teacher and upgrading playground equipment…The students have a blast at the classroom parties like last year’s sock hop!” Students will be rewarded for even the smallest donation. “Stinky feet coupons (a pass to go without shoes) are the most popular reward. Local businesses and the Dallas Cowboy organization donated prizes and experiences to reward the students totaling over $6500. The Fun Run will be on September 25, 2015.