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David Novak

It’s no secret that Frisco is brimming with talented kids. Audiences at this year’s Lone Star Storytelling Festival will be delighted by nationally renowned professionals and the crème de la crème of locally grown tellers of tales.

Now in its 13th year, this festival offers something for everyone. The “under five” set, who may be fans of the Frisco Public Library’s own story time classes, get a concert designed for them and their caregivers at Saturday’s “Good Morning Stories” concert.  Kids age six to ninety-nine will delight in any or all of:  “Afternoon Stories”, “Favorite Stories”, or “Laughing Night”. 

“This festival celebrates the power of the spoken word,” says Assistant Director Mayra Diaz. “From the moment the storyteller speaks into the microphone the audience is carefully led through foreign lands, emotions, and senses.”

Performers range from apprentice to professional, school-age to adult. The Lone Star Storytellers are selected from local youth who participate in a highly competitive audition process.  Once selected they go through hours of training with industry experts in a variety of storytelling disciplines. These kids amaze and delight audiences, and hold their own with the featured professionals. 

This year, professional storytellers Barbara McBride-Smith and David Novak will light up the festival stage. Ms. McBride-Smith hails from Galveston and puts an irresistible Texas twist on her home-spun stories. Mr. Novak’s dramatic flair makes his performance an experience sure to entertain and delight all.

Storytelling plays an important role in our daily lives. You might use a story to help with an important work presentation or to send your kids happily off to sleep. Want to hone your storytelling skills? Each of the professional tellers will teach a class to help with just that. Ms. McBride-Smith’s class will focus on how to bring your stories to the perfect conclusion. Mr. Novak’s interactive course is designed to help storytellers craft stories and develop performances with the listeners in mind.

The Festival is made possible by generous funding from:  Frisco Public Library Foundation, City of Frisco, Dr. Pepper Arena, Frisco Enterprise, and The Greensheet, and the support of many local businesses.

The 13th Annual Lone Star Storytelling Festival will light up City Hall on October 14 and 15. Tickets are available at and on the first floor of the Library. For more information about the Festival, please visit Learn more about the Library at