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Each January, Frisco ISD takes the time to focus on the crucial role that the Board of Trustees plays in our community and schools.

Serving on the School Board is a volunteer, unpaid position that requires countless hours in meetings, events and other activities.

Members are elected at large to represent all FISD families and often make tough decisions affecting students, parents and taxpayers.

“They’re so compassionate and understanding of the community we serve,” said Vandeventer Middle School Principal Kristin Hebert. “They are willing to relentlessly pursue what is right for kids.”

The District hosted a special reception on January 13 to honor both current and former School Board members for their dedication and hard work.

Educators and elected officials gathered to thank those whose contributions have made Frisco ISD what it is today.

“Watching the District grow over the years, the School Board has kept in mind what’s best for our students,” said Elliott Elementary Principal Stacy Mills. “As members have come and gone, they haven’t lost that common vision which is about our community and serving the needs of our students.”

Current School Board members include Renée Ehmke, President; Dan Mossakowski, Vice President; Anne McCausland, Secretary; Debbie Gillespie, John Hoxie, Bryan Dodson and Chris Todd.

“It’s always important to recognize those who built such a strong foundation and those who are carrying it forward,” said Frisco Mayor Maher Maso. “The success of our children and the success of the City is a direct validation that when you work together as a team, the entire community does better.”

Please take a moment this month to thank these public servants for their commitment and sacrifice.

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