John Hamilton – Guest Contributor
Aug 14 2017
Christmas for David



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Christmas for David
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In a world where there is hatred, we can all take a minute to share the love.

Below is info on one of our "neighbors" who is requesting neighbors to put up a Christmas wreath and take a picture for her husband David who is near the end of his fight with cancer and wanted one more Christmas. Below is Becky's message from last week.

Thank you for spreading the love!
Their kids will never forget this.


Christmas for David

So many of you have been praying for and encouraging our family, and I want to thank you so much!! I have discovered that people have generous hearts, and really want to help, but in this whirlwind journey, I never know what to ask for. Tonight, the boys and I had an idea, so I'm reaching out for help...

We are continuing to pray for a miracle, but we are also realistic about how much a human body, (even one with a spirit as lively as David's inside it) can endure. While David begins Hospice care this week, we are focusing on living each moment to the fullest. David loves the holidays and wishes for at least one more Christmas with his family, so we are going to give him one! The boys and I are going to storage to get the Christmas decorations this week and start decorating. We will have family flying in, Christmas music playing, and probably some cookie baking going on. David chose his birthday, September 6, as the day that he would like us to celebrate Christmas. That gives us one month to prepare, and this is where I want to ask for your help...

We would love to invite you to join in the celebration with us by placing a Christmas wreath on your front door until after September 6th. Every time you enter and exit, notice the oddly timed decor and say a prayer/send a thought for David. This will be his 48th birthday, and I would love to collect at least 48 pictures of Christmas wreaths placed on the front door in his honor, to compile into a photo book for him. If you are not able to easily get your wreath from storage, the boys said they would gladly make a simple one for you. Just let me know, and we will make the arrangements to get it to you and get a photo. 

This is meant to be a gift for David now, but ultimately, it is something that I want to be treasured by our children. They know how much their Dad means to them, but I want them to know how very special he is to so many others.

Thank you so much! Stay positive. Keep praying. Keep shining.

You can send wreath photos via messenger, text to me at 214-592-3906, or email to me at