robyn feehan – Guest Contributor
Mar 22 2018
Targets and Tangents



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8680 Main Street
Frisco, Texas 75034

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theGallery8680 of Frisco presents the work of A. Eilene Carver in an exhibition entitled ‘Targets and other Tangents’.

theGallery8680 presents an upcoming exhibit of works by A. Eilene Carver, ‘Targets and other Tangents’ on display from April 17th -April 28th. The opening reception will be held Friday, April 20th from 7-9 pm. This is a come and go event filled with art, food and music. Closing reception Friday, April 27th from 7-9pm. Gallery Hours by appointment.

Eilene Carver is a South Texas native. She earned her BFA in Design from Baylor University and her MFA in painting from UC Berkeley. Her pieces have received awards and been included in national and regional exhibitions since 1986; including such venues as Laguna Gloria Museum in Austin, The Berkeley Art Center, Women’s Museum of Dallas, San Antonio Museum of Art, Michael Himovitz Gallery and the Graham Horstman Gallery.

Her work is included in public and private collections throughout the United States.

The paintings address the personal and public impact of gun violence, hoping to stir emotions, spur dialogue, and provoke impactful change towards this complicated dilemma.
The work evokes a powerful response as it resonates with visitors. Below are a couple gallery entries from prior exhibits:

‘I love that you have taken painful events and used your talents to help them grieve and heal.’ -Penni Groves

‘[Carver's work] is both symbolically communicative and absolutely needed to encourage discussion; art should communicate, provoke and serve as a catalyst for thinking beyond headlines and statistics.’ -David Bearden, contributing writer, Lewisville Texan Journal

The works of this artist are particularly relevant given the almost daily occurrence of violence directed at individuals or groups in public venues that in previous decades would be considered safe; schools, concerts, public rally’s, nightclubs and sporting events. Her message regarding these issues is, “if ignored, we are all possible “Targets.”

Targets addresses the personal and public impact of gun violence.

The Stockton school shooting in 1989 haunted me for decades. Sandy Hook compelled me to symbolically depict the intimate personal loss of these ‘small targets’.

As I researched, google documents of shooting incidents show drop pins too numerous to count across maps of the United States. Overlapping pins, block memories of a prior event- a parallel to our overloaded consciousness – we collectively forget the impact of each personal loss. Targeted violence has become an undesirable societal constant.

The Target seemed an obvious symbol to represent the random acts of violence, suggesting a predator setting aim on a focused subject. Beginning my research three years ago, the intended topic was school shootings, but quickly evolved to include relevant examples of social violence such as: Black Lives Matter, the Pulse nightclub massacre, Dallas Police shootings, and violence rooted in religious persecution.

I strive for my work to be visually interesting while inspiring individual introspection. I remain as shocked at the thought of children as targets as I was by that first incident so long ago.My ultimate desire is that these paintings would stir emotions, spur dialogue and provoke impactful change of this complicated dilemmaIf ignored, we are all possible ‘Targets.’