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Recommending my son's fabulous piano teacher!

I would like to highly recommend Marsavonian School of music (for pianist, either beginning or advanced.)
I'm sorry if this sounds like an ad, I can't say enough good things about this woman. A gifted teacher with the ability to teach piano like no one I have ever seen before. She is amazing with kids and adults as well. Her personality is one that will amaze you and her mastering of the piano comes with over 72 years of piano experience. That's right! She started playing at age 2, and is now 74 and teaches out of her studio in Frisco on a Yamaha concert grand. 

Let me say, it's no ordinary lesson with Ms. Marsavonian. Besides the fact that she is an accomplished pianist and composer, who pours everything into her lessons, to include showering her students with love, LOVE, love and positive feelings, it doesn't end there. This teacher touches hearts, and moves her students to produce more than they themselves think they are capable of. She is also fabulous with special needs children. A truly gifted teacher( and truly that is an understatement!)

My son took lessons with her for 5 years, then she moved far away, and it was a VERY sad day for us when we lost she can be yours...LOL... Frisco has now gained a wonderful addition to it's community. If you want a quality teacher, who invests quality time with you, I am happy to share this recommendation with all of you.She also has a wonderful Summer Piano EXPRESS camp every year in June, July or August that is great for those wanting to see what piano is all about.

Stop by her website, where you can listen to her music selections on the website player there and read reviews on what students and parents have to say about this amazing teacher. She can be reached by phone 214-387-7703 or on her website:

Thank you for reading! And please tell her Bonnie sent you!

Thursday, May 31, 2018