Frisco BubbleLife -
Independant Licensed Massage Therapist in Frisco

No walk in appointments are taken. Scheduling an appointment by phone/text/email or through the website's contact form is required to give the exact address to this private residential office.

*One Introductory session per customer is available at for a $35 Swedish or $65 Deep Tissue to try out the service.

**There are discounted massage package options for those who want regular sessions and don't mind paying for bulk sessions at a lower price at

There are gift card options available for birthdays, holidays and other occasions on the website at

Swedish Massage: Is the most basic style of massage, and uses firm but gentle to medium pressure to promote relaxation. Various hand movements are used to break up muscle stiffness and increase blood circulation which then relaxes the muscles, body and mental stress at the same time. You can state your preference for pressure from light, to medium during the Swedish massage session.
$45.00 - 50 min. (Receive 1 - 50 min. Swedish session for $35.00 after every five regular priced session)
$70 - 80 min.
$100- 100 min.

If you need much deeper pressure then try the Deep Tissue Massage: (For areas where muscles are regularly stiff and cause persistent pain in the Back/Neck/Shoulders/Hips/Glutes, Sciatica in the legs etc. you can request less pressure as needed.)
$70- 50 min.
$90- 80 min.
$120-100 min. intro banner for google.jpg
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Tuesday, December 26, 2017