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Lips don't lie! Lip Print parties are a fun, new entertainment activity for parties & events!

The weather is warming up and so are our hearts! It is time to get together and celebrate engagements, graduations and weddings!
Every party could use some thing entertaining for your guests to do.
If you want something unusual icebreaker and activity for your group...
Lipsology lip print parties are a fun way to kiss good bye to the old and embrace the new upcoming future!

How does it work? Apply lipstick, kiss a card 2 – 3 time and the special messages from your subconscious are transferred through your kisses on to the paper!

Lip prints reveal not just information about a person's personality, but also their mindset, energy level, decision making process and their super power for success. It's all in the pucker and how your lips kiss the paper!
I'm one of eleven Lipsologists in the world. And yes, lip print reading is a thing! I get hired by corporations for big events and trade shows as well as people who need entertainment for smaller private parties.
Need a virtual version? You are covered! I do virtual lip print parties through Zoom with groups all over the world.
Let's plan your party now!

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Sunday, May 9, 2021